Meet our Artists │ Lucy Wayne │ May Collection │ Upcoming Female British Artists

Meet our Artists │ Lucy Wayne │ May Collection │ Upcoming Female British Artists
 One of the artists featured in Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory's May Collection is Lucy Wayne, a London-born artist who paints beautiful and delicate botanical works.
Where have you found inspiration for this collection of works, and how has that influenced your practice? 
I am inspired by the beauty and strength of flowers. I gathered most of the flowers for this collection from my garden, first spending time outdoors, connecting and seeing what is growing and what I am drawn to, then bringing some into the studio where I have lots of milk bottles, jars and vases to place them in. This collection began in very early spring, with the first brave blooms showing their resilience and following the rhythm of the seasons. My Practice allows me to honour, connect and appreciate these fleeting and ever changing moments in time and hopefully share the beauty of this with the viewer.
What have you enjoyed most about working on this collection?

In creating this collection of paintings I have really enjoyed the use of colour in the
backgrounds, I love blending colours to make my own one off shades and the way they compliment the flowers I depict and the mood and sentiments I want to portray with the work.
Which female artist(s) have influenced you?

I feel really inspired by so many female artists and very fortunate to receive support and encouragement from them as well as the wonderful women art dealers I work with such as Amelia. Some of my favourite current female artists include Rosie Harbottle, Dianna Forbes, Georgie Beaumont, Beatrice Hassell-McCosh, Flora Roberts, Nikoleta Sekulovic, Hayley Barker, Tania Ling and Peggy Kuiper. 
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The May Collection
Featuring 4 British, Female and emerging artists, the May Collection aims to highlight the new talent within the art world. Ranging from works inspired by British florals to worldly folklore, the May Collection shows some of the most promising emerging artists in the UK, allowing collectors to invest and buy art they love at affordable prices.

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