Meet our Artists │ Jo Rance │May Collection │ Upcoming Female British Artists

Meet our Artists │ Jo Rance │May Collection │ Upcoming Female British Artists

One of the artists featured in Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory's May Collection is Jo Rance, a contemporary artist based in Cambridgeshire. Jo's colourful works are a reflection of the beautiful British landscapes she's surrounded by. Keep reading to find out more about what inspired this collection of paintings...


Where have you found inspiration for this collection of works, and how has that influenced your practice? 

My inspiration for this collection of works has come from the landscapes that fill my day to day life. From the daffodils I see when I walk to the supermarket, the heathland at my local nature reserve, or the cottage garden that has bloomed next door. I'm forever grateful for the beauty nature brings to my everyday life, and ultimately this will always influence my practice as it's where I feel drawn to paint from. Some of the paintings in this collection emerged from my sketchbook work out on location too - being outdoors is my favourite place to be.


What have you enjoyed most about working on this collection?

The way this collection of works flowed creatively for me was such a delight. It felt like the paintings knew what they wanted to be before my own creative intuition knew. There's an energy in the colour and paint layering to these pieces that I feel reflects the time in which I was working on them. The season of Spring is just such a joyful time to be translating what you see outdoors, into paintings in the studio. I'd say all of these aspects to the creation of this collection have made it a real joy to work on.


Which female artist(s) have influenced you?

So many female artists have influenced my practice in a multitude of ways. The first female artist that comes to mind is Vanessa Bell. I just adore the way she used colour and mark in her paintings, the way she saw the British landscape is just an absolute feast for the eyes. It's on my list this year to visit the Charleston house down in Sussex!


The May Collection

Featuring 4 British, Female and emerging artists, the May Collection aims to highlight the new talent within the art world. Ranging from works inspired by British florals to worldly folklore, the May Collection shows some of the most promising emerging artists in the UK, allowing collectors to invest and buy art they love at affordable prices.


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