Meet our Artists │ Phoebe Boddy │ May Collection │ Upcoming Female British Artists

Meet our Artists │ Phoebe Boddy │ May Collection │ Upcoming Female British Artists
One of the artists featured in Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory's May Collection is Phoebe Boddy, a contemporary artist based in the UK, whose body of works is often inspired by colourful food and life experiences. Keep reading to find out more about Phoebe Boddy and her inspirations for the May Collection...
Where have you find inspiration for this collection of works, and
how has that influenced your practise? 

This collection has come as a spin off from a recent series I did inspired by the Mexican food markets. I was totally obsessed with the accidental aesthetics that were everywhere you looked in the streets of Mexico City; bold colours, patterns and piles of loose fruit. I really enjoy painting forms and I think that is why I am so
drawn to fruits and veggies. For this series I decided to head to arguably the most famous market in London, Borough Market, and gather inspiration to bring
back to the studio and recreate the essence of a British food stall
scene through my paintings.

What have you enjoyed most about working on this collection?

This collection is slightly different for me and the way I usually work as I have been painting from photographs I took in the market. This has resulted in my paintings being more detailed, and I suppose less abstract than normal, which I have really loved. I had a vision from the beginning of how the entire collection was going to look
which has meant the entire time I’ve been working, painting them in the studio, I have been in a state of flow. This is unusual for me as I usually have less of a direction.
Which female artist(s) have influenced you?

Rose Wylie will always be my number one. The playfulness and confidence in every painting she does is incredibly inspiring. She paints so freely, many people would see her work as childish or primitive, but I think it’s so pure, strong and captivating. It always reminds of this Picasso quote “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”




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The May Collection

Featuring 4 British, Female and emerging artists, the May Collection aims to highlight the new talent within the art world. Ranging from works inspired by British florals to worldly folklore, the May Collection shows some of the most promising emerging artists in the UK, allowing collectors to invest and buy art they love at affordable prices.


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